Young Men of Valor


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Young Men of Valor (YMV) is an auxiliary commission entity under the International Youth Department.  The sole focus of this organization is on building and cultivating the 21st Century God-fearing male ages 13-21. YMV is crafted and designed for males exclusively. Locally, there should be monthly Locker Room Sessions, where men (leaders and participants) share their heart, secrets, and issues/challenges. Locker Room Sessions should be kept private and confidential. We have titled the sessions “The Locker Room” with our revolving theme being, “What’s said in the Locker Room, Stays in the Locker Room.” There should never be vulgar (street) expressions or profanity used during a Locker Room Session, with all terms expressed from a “professional/academic” perspective.  Also, all sessions should have a vetted individual prepared to minister to the needs of the males from a biblical position.

Furthermore, The YMV action plan consists of eight different components:

  1. Spiritual Development
  2. Scholastic and Economic Empowerment
  3. Etiquette
  4. Sexual Purity
  5. Gender Relations
  6. The Perils of Music and Media
  7. Family Relations
  8. Social and Civic Engagement

Through this action plan, YMV hopes to educate their constituents on the importance of developing a holistic individual.  Ultimately, the goal is to produce a complete man that will serve the Lord while being a viable member of society.

With the help of the Lord, the YMV staff endeavors to create an enlightened citizenry of anointed, powerful, thoughtful, and cultured males.  We believe that God will fashion these young men and will deploy them to various areas around the globe; ready to affect the nations with the Gospel of Jesus while exhibiting excellence and grace.