Urban Initiatives


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Urban initiatives


This committee is designed to provide an outreach to the community for the youth in our neighborhood on an annual basis for the interim.  Provide a platform to meet the fundamental needs of the youth to develop relationships in fellowship, interpersonal skills, and to prepare for the betterment of the current youth and young adult generations.


Specific Assignments:

  1. Coordinator and sponsor Annual Back to School Events
  2. Schedule and promote church and community programs:
    1. Summer event for the youth
    2. Sponsor special events for youth
    3. Conduct Tutor program for youth
  3. Assist the Pastor and Church Mother with events as requested.
  4. Faithful Tithe payer and financial supporter of the church
  5. On a weekly/monthly basis review the COGIC website Ministries under Department & Ministries for current and updated information regarding your work if you have internet capabilities
  6. Receive training for the use of the one-call system to notify your members through voice and email procedures.  
  7. As a leader, please ensure that you are in touch with your members when you have not seen them in a few services and if there is sickness, death, etc.,   
  8. Attend and participate in ALL church services, events, programs, and meetings