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Purity Class: The purpose is to lift and protect moral standards, beautify home and church life, emphasize cleanliness, and train the youth to become leaders.  This class is composed of boys and girls ages 12 to 19. The Purity Class is not an auxiliary outside of the church. There is no set of rules for the church body and another set of rules for the Puritans. We have been given the privilege to reach out and get that select group of Mr. and Miss Purity and Purity Class Blazers (which is the Junior and Senior Purity Class); to help mold their Christian character. Therefore, the Purity Lady must, by precept and example, be able to insist on a high standard of living and good morals. She must, with all diligence, try to save her Puritans from the evils of this society such as homosexuality, drugs, and immorality.


Trail Blazers:

This unit is designed for a more mature group of young people namely ages 16 and

above. Organized much like the purity class, it should consist of such activities as

the dramatic club, discussion sessions on contemporary problems such as sex and sexuality,

career development, budgeting, financial investments, etc