Missionary Board


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The president is appointed by the pastor.   She shall be responsible for assisting the pastor in the training of aspiring and deaconess missionaries and the continuing education of others.  She shall make assignments to members as directed or allowed by the pastor.

Specific Assignments:  

  1. Visit the sick in homes, hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, etc.
  2. Administering to the needs of the poor, clean homes, cook
  3. Reaching unsaved family members and others
  4. Conducting Bible Training Classes and missionary services
  5. Conducting prayer services (prayer warriors)
  6. Altar workers
  7. Provide training classes for all missionaries.
  1. Aspiring Missionary: An aspiring missionary is a woman aged 21 years and over who feels a special call of God.  Must be saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost.  She must be concerned about the work in prayer, teaching, soul-winning, etc., feeling the inner call to the services of God.  It is recommended that an aspiring missionary be observed for at least 2 years before being recommended for a license.  If she proves faithful, she is then eligible for recommendation by her pastor to the jurisdictional supervisor for a license.   She must be examined by the Women’s Department Board of Examiners.   If she passes the examination, she will receive the evangelist missionary license.  A certificate is available for the aspiring missionary.   The certification should carry the signature of the pastor and church mother.
  2. Deaconess Missionary:  Must be saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost.  The deaconess missionary is a licensed missionary whose activities are within the confines of her local church.  However, if she is invited to serve outside the confines of her local church, she may do so with the permission of her pastor, but she must be accompanied by her church mother or a qualified missionary.  After one year of dedicated service, she may be elevated to Evangelist Missionary with the recommendation of her pastor and church mother, only if she feels the call to evangelist ministry.  Deaconess Missionary is not to be confused with that of the Deaconess Sister of the local church.
  3. Evangelist Missionary:  Is a licensed missionary whose credentials are recognized in hospitals and institutions as a bona fide Christian ministry.  Must be saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost.  Must be a loyal, dedicated, obedient, and supportive member of her local church, having the recommendation of her pastor and church mother.  She should also be loyal to her Jurisdictional Bishop and Supervisor.  Giving support financially and spiritually during any Women Department and general jurisdictional programs.  Must be available to do ministry in the local, district, and state which could extend into outer state ministry as endorsed by her leaders.  Must adhere to the teaching of Holiness and modest apparel.   Her life must exemplify Holiness in every way.  Be informed that this license does not qualify you to be a National Evangelist.
  1. On a weekly/monthly basis review the COGIC website Ministries under Department & Ministries for current and updated information regarding your work if you have internet capabilities
  2. Receive training for the use of the one-call system to notify your members through voice and email procedures.  
  3. As a leader, please ensure that you are in touch with your members when you have not seen them in a few services and if there is sickness, death, etc.,   
  4. Faithful Tithe payer and financial supporter of the church
  5. Attend and participate in ALL church services, events, programs, and meetings