Deacon Board


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Deacon Board


The term diakonos or deacon denotes the service or ministration of a helper or bondservant (one who has sold himself by choice for service).  His ministry is non-preaching but should be apt to teach.  These are proven men in the faith who will serve as right-hand men to the Pastor in secular and business matters of the church: conducting worship services, assisting in carrying out the ordinances of the church, and shall be knowledgeable of the doctrine of the Church of God in Christ.


General Duties:


Title:  Chairman of Deacon Board


  1. Supervise the work of the Deacon Ministry


  1. Function as a member of the Executive Council and Church Council


  1. Oversee the collection of public offerings


Specific Assignments: 


  1. Oversee the collection of revenue primarily offerings


  1. Oversee the transfer of collected funds to the Board of Trustees


  1. Upon the advice of the Pastor, schedule Deacons for specific assignments (see the job description for deacons)


  1. Monitor the pulpit in the absence of the pastor


  1. Faithful Tithe payer and financial supporter of the church


  1. On a weekly/monthly basis review the COGIC website Ministries under Department & Ministries for current and updated information regarding your work if you have internet capabilities
  2. Receive training for the use of the one-call system to notify your members through voice and email procedures.  
  3. As a leader, please ensure that you are in touch with your members when you have not seen them in a few services and if there is sickness, death, etc.,