Benevolence Ministry


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Benevolence ministry


  1. Mail cards to membership (Sick, Bereaved, Encouragement, Birthday, Anniversary, etc) from the Pastor.  Keep records of those that received a card and all activities on a monthly to report to Pastor/Church Mother
  2. Visit and take baskets to those in the hospital as requested by the Pastor/Church Mother. 
  3. Identify persons in the church who have been ill or have a need and report to the Chairman/Church Mother or Pastor. 
  4. Provide assistance as requested by Pastor/Church Mother
  5. Faithful Tithe payer and financial supporter of the church
  6. On a weekly/monthly basis review the COGIC website Ministries under Department & Ministries for current and updated information regarding your work if you have internet capabilities
  7. Receive training for the use of the one-call system to notify your members through voice and email procedures.  
  8. As a leader, please ensure that you are in touch with your members when you have not seen them in a few services and if there is sickness, death, etc.,   
  9. Attend and participate in ALL church services, events, programs, and meetings